CanAm Smile Makeover is a Canadian-owned dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico. We founded this practice with the mission to bring you affordable, high-quality dental care, in the world’s top dental tourism destination – because everyone deserves to smile.


All of our dentists are professionally trained and educated with all necessary up-to-date credentials. The dentistry standards of our clinic are exceptional – at least equal to that which you’d expect in Canada or the U.S. And we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology – and views of palm trees!


Our commitment is to your health, safety, comfort, and smile.


With dental cost savings of up to 70% compared to Canada and the U.S., you can get your teeth fixed – and relax in paradise – for less than what it would cost for you to fix your teeth at your local dentist. You’ve waited long enough. Come fix your teeth in paradise. It’s finally your turn. Because you deserve to smile.


Dra. Aulik Mirón. Head Specialist Doctor


Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. Prof. ID 11351191.

With more than 8 years of experience, her specialties are in complex restorative cases, smile makeover as well as cosmetic restorations.

Dr. Ernesto Morales


Dentist Surgeon.

Prof. ID: 1641647. With 30 years of experience, he is a Dentist graduated from U.N.I.T.E.C. He spent 2 years in Endodontics and 1 year in Comprehensive Dentistry. With 24 years of private practice focusing on Endodontics, he served as Academic Coordinator for 2 years and contributed to Dental Tourism in Cancun for 6 years. He is 80% fluent in English. His expertise ensures exceptional dental care.

Dra. Adriana Traconis


Orthodontics & Dentist Surgeon. Prof. ID 6267614. Dr. Traconis works closely with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and goals.

Rn Rodolfo Rodríguez


Technical Assistant.

From few years now, Rodolfo has helped Dr. Aulik recover hundreds of smiles so our patients can gain their confidence back. He is responsible for sterilizing and preparing all the necessary tools and equipment before dental procedures and assisting dentists during dental procedures.

CANAM Directive Team
Best quality & experience guarantee

Carolina Arreola

Marketing Manager


As our Marketing Manager, Carolina combines her passion for dental health with her marketing expertise to take our clinic to the next level. From our online presence to unforgettable patient experiences, Carolina ensures that every smile counts.

Joseph Zablocki

Chief Executive Officer



Over 40 years of experience in health care services in Canada are held behind Mr. Joseph. Who, after seeing the lack of quality offered in Cancun for dental work he decided to build CANAM.

Oscar Moreno

Chief Operating



With the best reviews in dental work, creating the best experiences for every patient who undergoes treatments in Cancun. Oscar is now the face of CANAM Smile Makeover.


“My mission is to make dental care more accessible. Because everyone deserves to smile.”


CanAm Smile Makeover, CEO Joe Zablocki

So whether you’re looking to finally get those crowns, dental veneers, that root canal, or your full smile makeover that is long overdue, we can help – without breaking the bank.

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